We change the world of payments.

MPayMe offers innovative and secure mobile payment solutions that replace cash, credit cards and other payment alternatives with a "single mobile app - ZNAP™". Our solution simplifies the complexity of today’s payments with a consistent user experience, making life easier and more secure for everybody.

Our 4 Principles

No Infrastructure Required

MPayMe facilitates fast and easy B2B, B2C, C2B and P2P payments without complex integration or additional infrastructure (e.g. terminals, readers, application servers, etc.).

User Experience Consistency

MPayMe offers a consistent 2-step user experience across different mobile platforms for remittance, in-shop payment, bill payment and online payment.

Simplicity And Security

MPayMe’s cloud-based technology provides unparalleled, multi-factor security without complex user log-in or authentication requirements.

Value-Added Solutions

MPayMe offers industry vertical solutions that improve efficiency, remove friction, fraud and human error from the payment process at no additional cost.

About MPayMe

Press releases & Press kit

Founded in 2010, MPayMe has a global presence with headquarters and R&D centre based in Hong Kong, as well as offices in New York and London.

MPayMe has developed a multi-factor, secure and comprehensive payment solution, bundled with software and applications to manage payments across various physical, online, and billing channels. MPayMe has received substantial investments and is currently reviewing requests for pilot.